Edler Blas

Posted by admin on February 6, 2012

Edler Blas, who served for a year as my assistant overseeing the operations of Lighthouse Christian Radio, returned to his home country of Nicaragua. I met Edler over 5 years ago shortly after he became a Christian and moved to Belize where he worked as a construction worker.  He quickly became a friend in spite of the language barrier and developed a father/son relationship as he adopted me as his Belizean father. He expressed a desire to know God's Word so we were able to send him to the Bible College at the Calvary Chapel San Salvador for a year and then returned to Belize to serve in the ministry. Due to family's health issues Edler decided to return to Nicaragua. He will be greatly missed as he has been a great help to me in so many area which lighten my load and enabled me to be away from the radio station for periods of time. He also taught a weekly Spanish Bible study and has been discipling Juan Carlos, our student intern who lived with him in the staff apartment. Please pray for Edler as he continues to pursue the Lord and follow His lead for the next season of his life!